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Paving the way

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I’ve been working with Tobermore (a block paving specialist) for seven years now, photographing their projects all over the North of England.

Tobermore are a UK based paving and walling manufacturer specialising in the supply of landscaping materials including block paving, paving flags, kerbs, edging and walling products for both the domestic and commercial markets throughout the UK and Ireland.

Ranging from large retail parks, schools/colleges, supermarkets, garden centres, hospitals, sports centres and housing estates.

At first glance these may seem like mundane photography projects – how wrong could you be!  A seemingly ‘run of mill’ job soon brings up its own challenges and allows me to use my creativity in a new way.

The lack of time spent setting up ‘poses’ and making the subject feel ‘comfortable’ allows me more time to perfect each shot and thus get the best out of the project.  

With Tobermore projects, I take on the mantle of photographer/weather man and pore over forecasts when planning each photography session.  The paving must be dry to be photographed and as with unpredictable weather guaranteed ‘oop North’ it can be dry in Huddersfield (occasionally) but may be pouring with rain in Hull or Lancaster.

I also make sure I have a brush to sweep away the leaves and dirt that may have found their way onto the paving (and have even been known to pick off discarded chewing gum lest it ruin my shot).

The great thing about these projects is the way I can arrange the shot and use my architechtual creativity to compose the perfect shot - step ladders are a must to get high shots and padding for lying down on the ground to get up close.  Tobermore also like to have shots with blurry feet or car wheels to show the paving in use (great shots for website and promotional use) and to bring the project to life.


I love travelling around and photographing their fantastic products and I’m glad this job can only be done in the summer (mostly) – no chilly ground for me.(sometimes)

People skills are vital as I often have to negotiate with schools and sports/shopping centre's so I can get a clear shot without disturbing the day-to-day running of wherever I’m needed and also ensure sensitive people are not included in the shot.















I feel that working with a company for so long not only shows that they like my work but also shows how well we work together and long may it continue and in the words of Tobermore lets keep producing #Quality like no other!


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