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Shooting the Experts!



I have been fortunate to be working with Howarths People and Safety Management for a few years now.

They are undoubtedly one of the most friendly, professional and welcoming commercial clients I have worked with – a world away from the stuffy corporate suits I’d imagined when I set out working with them (sorry guys, but dealing with ”lawyers” generally strikes dread into the hearts of most people).

Alongside corporate photography for their website and literature, I have undertaken PR shoots and Christmas card shoots. 












I started off undertaking some staff photography for them to use on their website and literature. They wanted to convey the modern and friendly vibe that this established company prides itself on.

We went for clean and crisp photographs with good lighting. I was able to get the staff to relax and enjoy the shoot (even those who ‘hate’ having their photo taken) MAF-37captionHowarthsHowarths  The end result was some brilliant images that everyone was happy with.












So when they approached me with an idea for some PR shoots, I was really keen to be involved. They wanted me to do a series of shoots with Howarths’ clients who had written testimonials for them. 

These testimonials would then be overlaid onto the photos and turned into canvases to display on Howarths wall. 


I arranged to visit these clients in their place of work, to take photos ‘in situ’ on behalf of Howarths. Each client couldn’t have been more different:

Again, I was able to get people to relax and enjoy the shoot for some really great photos. 

MDF-61aGarethGareth KSDL M8F-5atextwebVickers LabsVickers Labs











The finished photographs, once the testimonial text was overlaid, looked absolutely fantastic. They were then enlarged and printed to canvas by Zest Print ( to hang in Howarths’ offices. A really novel and striking use of photography. 


Howarths was founded in 2002 by Andy and Helen Howarth with a passion to change the way HR, Employment Law and Health & Safety support was delivered to businesses. 

Andy Howarth says “We believe in giving people practical HR advice exactly when they need it. We ensure that our clients receive the relevant information, delivered in the right way, at the right time. We will always try to give people an immediate response when they call for HR advice, and if we're unavailable we promise to return their call at the first available moment.”

M3F_0187Andy HowarthAndy Howarth The testimonial canvases really highlight the difference that Howarths have made to their client’s businesses in an extremely visual and accessible way.

If you are interested in having some corporate photography done for your company to raise your brand awareness, our prices start from £200 for a half day shoot. Images can be prepared to be used on websites, brochures, posters and as we have seen in the case of Howarths on the wall of your business premises. Please contact us for more information.


*Please note Howarths is not a firm of solicitors







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