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Created 28-Feb-12
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The Big Picnic, Kirkheaton, Huddersfield, 3rd June 2012, Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Video & Photograph DVD NOW AVAILABLE!

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Mark Flynn Photography

WOW!!! This week I was thrilled to have received a letter from The Queen thanking me for sending her a multi-media DVD that I had produced of Her Diamond Jubilee and "Big Picnic" celebrations in Kirkheaton, Huddersfield.
The Queen was interested to hear of the activities organised in the village and was glad to hear that, despite poor weather, everyone had such an enjoyable time. The DVD was said to have given her "much pleasure"!
Mark Flynn Photography
From Yetton Together On line Community Magazine
The Big Picnic DVD – just magic!
Posted on June 26, 2012 by admin
Just spent a happy half hour watching the Big Picnic DVD. Magic! Despite the weather everyone seems to have had a great time. I was stuck on a stall freezing so didn’t see all what had been going on so it was great to see so many people entering into the spirit of it. The shots of children playing games especially the little girls doing the tug of war, are alone worth the price of the DVD.

Well done Mark – on capturing the essence of the day!
Fantastic photos they have captured the great community spirit of the day despite the damp weather.
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