Its Our M & S

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Its Our M & S


Just recently I was asked to provide some still photography that was to record the making of a short film. What they did'nt tell me was that I was to have my first cameo role in it!! (You will have to be quick to spot me)

Business leaders recognise the importance of keeping ‘Customers At The Heart’ of their organisation. The film that was a brain child of retail guru Kate Hardcastle and song writer Sam Dunkley at Insight with Passion who are a business transformation company, working with leadership teams to solve their challenges both analytically and creatively. Insightwithpassion is at

Insight with passion have spoken to thousands of customers who now feel unloved by M&S and have championed their cause, watch their video and help to spread the story …See the full video here:

Note: these are the views of the consumer brought to you by Insightwithpassion.:

After many many years together (well since 1884 actually), building relationships, enduring good and bad times, 'we' have fallen out of love.

Tired, disappointing, bland, and above all poor customer service.

A Nation asks - M&S -- are you listening to us?

Even if things are developing at HQ -- not communicating with your customers & reassuring them what's going to change is a big challenge.

Your food is fantastic (but the offers don't work at the checkout!), must-haves, ties, the odd present, but why can't we be wowed by fashion and store experience?

(Not to mention the disappointment and confusion in your sea of sub-brands) 

Listen to a nation speak, through this unrequited love song for M&S -- Its our M&S
It's clearly not us -- it's YOU!


See also Dedicate website.


The movie was recorded in and around Leeds City Center by Pictures and Noise with particular help from Moments Coffee Shop.


Behind the scenes stills footage can be seen here:



Song written by
Sam Dunkley
Kate Hardcastle

Lisa Roberts
Sam Dunkley
Kate Hardcastle

Matt Morgan
David Tattersall 
Sam Dunkley
Chantel McGregor
Jonathan Dyson
Lisa Roberts
Kate Hardcastle

Bryony Allen
Tazmin Bennison 
Natalie Eaglen 
Brett Punnett 
Caroline Vella 
Anthea Orchard 
Jackie O’Reilly

Directed by
Kate Hardcastle

Sound by
Luck Lane Studios

Produced by
Pictures & Noise

Edited by
Noel Curry

Special thanks to
Moments Coffee Shop Leeds 
Mark Flynn Photography 
The people of Leeds


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