Mark Flynn Photography: Blog en-us (C) Mark Flynn Photography (Mark Flynn Photography) Tue, 01 Aug 2017 08:41:00 GMT Tue, 01 Aug 2017 08:41:00 GMT Mark Flynn Photography: Blog 96 120 The People's Postcode Lottery - Public Relations Photography Have you heard of the People’s Postcode Lottery?

DN20OAE-36Peoples Postcode LotteryPR Photography

The People’s Postcode Lottery, as you may be able to guess from the name, is a nationwide subscription lottery that offers people the chance to win cash prizes based on their postcode. I’ve been working with the People’s Postcode Lottery for years now, capturing the different winners’ wide range of reactions for PR photographs.

As you can imagine it’s a very uplifting project to be a part of as you see just how overjoyed people are to have their lives changed with huge cash sums! I’ve seen it all when people are handed their novelty oversized cheques; dancing, shouting, screaming, laughing, people being left speechless – it really is different every time and a pleasure to be a part of.

40Peoples Postcode LotteryPeoples Postcode Lottery MAF-25Peoples Postcode LotteryPeoples Postcode Lottery











I go to the homes of the winning families all over the North, having travelled as far as Chesterfield, Stamford,St Annes and York and take celebratory photographs on their doorsteps. As well as capturing the winner’s reactions, I also have the rather unique dual role of helping encourage the best possible reactions from the winners for the videographer’s benefit. This can include lots of smiling and waving off screen which is all part of the fun shooting for this great client!

MAF-28Peoples Postcode LotteryPeoples Postcode Lottery MAF-24Peoples Postcode LotteryPeoples Postcode Lottery

The People’s Postcode lottery raises a phenomenal amount of money for a range of different charities. There are a number of trusts set up within the organisation that donate to a number of different causes. These include the Postcode Animal Trust, the Postcode African Trust, the Postcode Children Trust and Postcode Culture Trust.  Taking part in the People’s Postcode Lottery can help support these charities with at least 30% of the money going towards these causes.


In recent weeks I was also privileged to photograph one of The Postcode Lottery's Millions Events where all the lucky winners resided in the Dearn Valley area of Rotherham. This was an amazing event where over 600 people were invited. Players and charity beneficiaries all mingled together whilst being entertained by roving magicians all awaiting the results of the millions postcode lottery draw to see how much they had won.

MAF_222MAF_222 MAF_094MAF_094 MAF_077MAF_077










MAF_135MAF_135 MAF_212MAF_212

The Postcode Millions draws offer the players the chance to win a share of amazing £3 Million prize pots* every month. Could you be next in line for a life-changing cheque?

* In accordance with the Gambling Act 2005, the maximum amount that can be won by a single ticket is 10% of draw proceeds up to a maximum of £400,000

Watch me in action here with a particularly happy set of winners here

To sign up to the People's Postcode Lottery click here


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WEDDINGS AT THE WOODMAN INN Weddings at the Woodman Inn

MAF-250Woodman InnWoodman Inn


A wedding is said to be the best day of many peoples’ lives and I couldn’t feel more privileged to be the one responsible for capturing peoples’ special day.

Wedding photos are treasured for a lifetime, and every wedding is different, that’s why I will never tire of being a wedding photographer even though it’s something I’ve done for several years now. (20 in fact!)

I started out my career as a professional photographer by specialising in wedding photography, and I’ve learnt over the years that having the right venue for a wedding is a very important factor in making sure the newlyweds have their perfect day (and photographs!).

One of my favourite locations to shoot wedding photographs is at the Woodman Inn, based in Thunderbridge, Kirkburton, Huddersfield.

MAF_0360-2webWoodman InnWoodman Inn MAF_0478-2webMAF_0478-2web











I am one of the recommended photographers for the Inn and over time we have built up a great relationship as I have taken pictures of wedding ceremonies and parties that have taken place there.

For over eight years now I have been photographing weddings at this amazing venue, with the most recent shoot I did there being at a lovely ceremony just last weekend.

MAF-12MAF-12 MAF-15MAF-15











The Woodman Inn was built in the 18th century and is set in the stunning South Pennine countryside.

With its homely feel and wonderful gardens, the Woodman Inn provides the perfect romantic backdrop for any couple tying the knot!


The Inn is oozing with character and charm, which makes my job of taking great photographs there very easy indeed!

MAF-114MAF-114 MAF-95MAF-95








MAF-96MAF-96 MAF-208MAF-208













The events team and chefs ensure you are well looked after providing excellent service and food.

It’s also the perfect party location, and I always have a chuckle to myself watching the dance floor antics unfold and the dad dancing coming out!


There is now even more scope for Weddings at the Woodman Inn with the opening of their new beautiful Orangery and gardens which is just across the road from the existing building which; also has the option to bolt on a large marquee to enable you to celebrate or entertain even more guests.

MAF-395MAF-395 MAF_0465aMAF_0465a









It’s the ideal place for an intimate wedding day with all your family and friends around you. So if you’re looking for the perfect venue for your wedding, why not visit the Woodman Inn for their Wedding Open Day on Sunday 9th June? For more information, you can visit their website here:Woodman Inn


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Marathons Chocolate Ale Wine & Pies! Marathons Chocolate Ale Wine & Pies!

MAF-24ChocatlonChocatlon Chocolate and marathons sound like two things that probably should not mix, right? (Snickers excluded:))

Well according to the scenes I saw and captured at this year’s Huddersfield ChocAthlon they actually seemed like a perfect fit! If you’re not the keenest of runners, I bet the idea of chocolate treats at the finish line and at various ‘feed stations’ along the way might be the enough to convince you to get your running shoes on! This 9km trail run takes place in Marsden and is organised by Team OA, a company that was established with the aim of ‘putting the fun back into run’ with their themed races.

MAF-215MAF-215 MAF-85MAF-85




























If you’re looking for a boozier alternative to the ChocAthlon, a WineAthlon or Ale Athlon might be more up your street – which, perhaps unsurprisingly, is always a hit with Stag and Hen parties. I’ve had the very amusing pleasure of photographing both these types of events for Team OA in the past. There is even a PieAthlon and CakeAthlon for those who get a bit peckish when exercising. My job at these types of events is to really capture the atmosphere of each event, which is easy to do as everyone is usually in good spirits and ready to laugh in their fancy dress outfits.

MAF_0122MAF_0122 MAF_0426MAF_0426 MAF_0439MAF_0439









Although it’s not only these fun-themed races that Team OA provide, they also provide more traditional marathons (aka ones that lack the snacks or alcoholic beverages) across West Yorkshire. This year I’ll be in charge of capturing the Huddersfield, Halifax, the Oldham Way Ultra and Wakefield Marathons. It’s always inspiring to see the entrants working so hard to smash their targets and never give up on getting the best possible time they can on the day.

MAF_0153MAF_0153 MAF_0408MAF_0408






















Pictures of competitors are available for a free download as a memento to remember what is always a great day. The images are also used for promotional purposes by Team OA and are shared on the website and across social media. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming Team OA events and sharing all the photos with you on their website here: TEAM OA ,so keep an eye out for these over the coming months!  

"TEAM OA they really are "PUTTING THE FUN BACK INTO RUN"!!!!!!



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Extract Technology provide a range of products to help ensure the safety of staff during the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. Creating pharmaceuticals often involves working with a number of potentially harmful and hazardous substances. Extract Technology manufactures products such as downflow booths, containment isolators and IsoPharm isolators in order to make it safe to work with these substances for members of staff.


Recently I went to photograph some of the new machines they had made at their factory on Leeds Road, Huddersfield. Extract Technology have been a great customer of mine for a long time now. However, that doesn’t mean that shooting their products isn’t without its obstacles!


Extract Technology’s machines are huge, which can make it a challenge to capture the whole machine in its entirety. Also, the industrial lighting in the factory doesn’t particularly lend itself well to photography. With this said, I love overcoming obstacles to get the best possible photos for my clients. I surrounded the machines with as many white screens as possible to improve the lighting. Also, because a lot of the machines are encased in glass, the white screens reduced the reflections from the floor and surroundings for the photographs. After this, I retouched the photos to ensure they were completely reflection-free and then carefully cut them out in photoshop to make the final version of the finished images.










I also had the opportunity to do something a bit different with the photoshoot at Extract Technology – video work! I am mainly known for my work with stills but I really enjoy working with video too. I relished the opportunity to flex my videography muscles making a short demo video for their machines. It was great to have this opportunity and I can’t wait to continue doing more video work like this in the future.


I always talk about how interesting and varied it is to be a photographer, but no two days are the same. The company are very pleased with the results and so am I! The shots I captured will be used on their website, in their brochures and their operating manuals.


For more information on Extract Technology or to see how the photos are feature on the website, visit EXTRACT


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BRADSTONE.......PAVING THE WAY TO A SUCCESSFUL AWARDS EVENT Bradstone….Paving the way to a successful awards event

EVENT PHOTOGRAPHYMAF-145Bradstone Assured Awards

Being a photographer is a varied job and I’m lucky to be able to get involved in shooting a lot of fun and exciting events. However, there aren’t many that are quite as fun as the day I had shooting the Bradstone Assured Awards and activity day recently.

Bradstone, part of Aggregate Industries, are a leading supplier of paving, walling, edging, decorative stone and driveway products in the UK. After a successful year, Bradstone had the idea of putting on a day of fun events followed by a lavish awards evening as a thank you to all the independent driveway and paving contractors that had used their products over the past year.

The attendees gathered at Wild Park, Derbyshire for a day of outdoor fun and activities. First up they took to the woodlands of the park for a hard-fought game of paintball. It made for a dramatic scene to shoot and at times it looked like a paint-splattered scene from a war film! All this action made for some exciting fast-paced shots that were a pleasure to shoot.

MAF-34PaintballPaintball MAF-58MAF-58


MAF-37MAF-37 MAF-42MAF-42 MAF-51MAF-51


Paintball was followed by some rip-roaring quad biking through the Wild Park fields. I love the dramatic shots of the quad bikes flying through puddles and the mud shooting up in the air. I experimented with some different effects on some of the shots, including the blurred effect on a shot of the guys on the quad bikes to capture the speed and power of these machines!

MAF-86MAF-86 MAF-89MAF-89




Archery was up next for the attendees – and I think it really hit the spot! With a few bull’s eyes being hit, I think this one really resonated with its ‘target audience’ if you’ll excuse the pun. Next up Bradstone had organised some demonstrations to showcase a selection of specialist products at the forefront of the paving and driveway industry. Specialist tool manufacturer Makita was also on site offering product demos.

MAF-113MAF-113 MAF-229MAF-229

MAF-197MAF-197 MAF-131MAF-131


With only a short window of 2.5 hours to process the images so they could be showcased on large screens at the awards event, time was of the essence. Thankfully all the photos came out great and looked brilliant displayed around the Roundhouse in Derby, where the ceremony was held. This impressive old building used to be used to be where trains turned around and with its huge timber beams and glass roof, it made for a stunning location for the event, and a lovely one to capture.



Bradstone had carefully selected the winners of the Bradstone Assured Awards honouring the cream of the crop of the driveway and paving industry. It was a wonderful ceremony with celebrity guests including ITV’s ‘This Morning’ gardener David Domoney and ex Arsenal player Paul Merson to help present the awards to the winning guests.


MAF-21MAF-21 MAF-40MAF-40


MAF-82MAF-82 MAF-87MAF-87

MAF-102MAF-102 MAF-113MAF-113

It was a privilege to shoot for such a large and respected company and be involved in the day rewarding their clients’ loyalty and success. Take a look at more of the images here and I’m looking forward to hopefully shooting more fun-filled days of this kind in the future!




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MAF-23HeadshotsFibre Architects

Being able to put a face to a name is so important in the world of business. With an increasing amount of emphasis being placed on social media with websites such as LinkedIn, it is important to have a smart, professional portrait that reflects you and the business you work for in the best possible way.

Team photos and individual head shots are also a great way to personalise your website with 'about us' or 'meet the team' sections allowing potential customers or clients to feel like they've got to know you more before you've even met. By including these sections, it can increase the feeling of approachability for a business and help them pick up the phone and make an enquiry.

Recently I did some individual and team shots for local Huddersfield-based architecture firm, Fibre Architects. The company wanted the photos for inclusion in a new 'meet the team' section on the website, for social media and potentially for use in PR campaigns.

As with all of my team projects, as well as having the traditional headshots - I wanted to use the team photos to reflect the business. Having worked with Fibre before (after being asked to photograph some of their architecture work for them) I knew it is a modern and creative company with a charming office - and I wanted to get that across in the photos I produced for them.  

MAF-13HeadshotsFibre Architects

In order to offer them some variation I took photos both in the daytime and at night, I particularly like how the outdoor night-time shots make use of their unique neon sign they have by the entrance to the building - which I am a big fan of.


The Fibre team were really happy with the photos and are looking forward to using them in the future.

If you or your team think they could do with some team photos or headshots for use on websites, PR or social media - get in touch! We can either visit your premises and photograph you in situ or if you would like a studio style headshot you can simply make an appointment for a visit to our modern studio premises. A couple of example of studio headshots can be seen below:

MAF_1124HeadshotsHeadshots MAF_1447HeadshotsHeadshots
















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In the short video below I invite you to view just a few of my Commercial Photography Highlights from 2016. The video includes a broad range of my photography from Commercial, Industrial, Product, Marketing and PR.  Over the past year I have produced work directly for Manufacturers, Service Companies, Finance Companies, Estate Agents, Marketing and Public Relations, Advertising Agencies, Charities and Web Developers.

In all of the above cases I am pleased to have been able to help raise the profile of my clients and thus increase exposure for them in their chosen markets through the use of high quality imagery.

Not included are two new services which I introduced in 2016 are those of Aerial Drone Photography/Video and interactive 360 degree photography. These will be covered in separate forth coming videos.

For further information on Commercial Photography please contact 07745204331.

Commercial Highlights 2016Commercial Photography Highlights 2016

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YOUR WEDDING HIGHLIGHTS 2016 Just wished to start the 2017 Blog off with a huge congratulations and equally large thank you to all couples that employed Mark Flynn Wedding Photography services in 2016. Congratulations to you all and very best wishes for the future. In the words of the apprentice here are some of your highlights :) 

2016wedding hightlightsHDWedding Highlights2016


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Green fingers for Forget Me Not! Green fingers for Forget Me Not!

A blog you may not like at first but may soon grow on you :)

MAF-251PR photographyForget me not childrens hospice

Recently I was asked to shoot the overhauling of the Forget Me Not Children's Hospice's gardens, courtesy of Wyevale Garden Centre. Wyevale kindly provided the materials and some manpower to help makeover the outdoor area which the children enjoy at the Hospice, and they asked me to document the day.

MAF-18MAF-18Forget me not childrens hospice MAF-46MAF-46Forget me not childrens hospice












Forget Me Not Children's Hospice is an institution that provides care and support for children with life-shortening illnesses and their families. I have worked with the charity on many occasions before and have seen first-hand the amazing work they do. This is the latest in a series of big changes the charity has done to make the children in their care's lives as enjoyable as possible.

As well as the Wyevale staff, the rest of the gardening work was done by volunteers, Hospice staff and (when I wasn't snapping away) yours truly! Two staff from Banney Royd Landscaping who built all the structures whilst I was asked to record the transformations.

MAF-50MAF-50Forget me not childrens hospice MAF-56MAF-56 It was amazing to see all hands on deck for this great cause, as I was told by the staff how much the children appreciate spending time out in the garden when they can, and so having the best possible garden area for them to enjoy was really important to the Hospice.











MAF-215MAF-215 MAF-94MAF-94














MAF-62MAF-62 MAF-97MAF-97










MAF-98MAF-98 MAF-179MAF-179 MAF-191MAF-191










MAF-173MAF-173 MAF-188MAF-188 MAF-169MAF-169














MAF-113MAF-113 MAF-241MAF-241














MAF-130MAF-130 MAF-106MAF-106 MAF-152MAF-152Forget me not childrens hospice











The day was a very interesting one to shoot and I find it really exciting to capture things being created as it allows the photographs to really tell a story. It also provides a contrast to some of the more stationary shots I am often involved in and I love diversity in my work.

MAF-239MAF-239Forget me not childrens hospice

The Wyevale Garden Centre have several stores, with two located in Huddersfield at Birchencliffe and Shelley. It was superb to be able to see their generous helping of the Forget Me Not Children's Hospice, and document it through some exciting photos. I had a great day and I look forward to working with them again in the future as well as continuing my ongoing relationship with the Forget Me Not Children's Hospice - maybe with less gardening duties involved next time around... but who knows!


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Eco Build Architect Brochure Download-1Eco Build Architect Brochure Download-1

I’ve been working with Tobermore (a block paving specialist) for seven years now, photographing their projects all over the North of England.

Tobermore are a UK based paving and walling manufacturer specialising in the supply of landscaping materials including block paving, paving flags, kerbs, edging and walling products for both the domestic and commercial markets throughout the UK and Ireland.

Ranging from large retail parks, schools/colleges, supermarkets, garden centres, hospitals, sports centres and housing estates.

At first glance these may seem like mundane photography projects – how wrong could you be!  A seemingly ‘run of mill’ job soon brings up its own challenges and allows me to use my creativity in a new way.

The lack of time spent setting up ‘poses’ and making the subject feel ‘comfortable’ allows me more time to perfect each shot and thus get the best out of the project.  

With Tobermore projects, I take on the mantle of photographer/weather man and pore over forecasts when planning each photography session.  The paving must be dry to be photographed and as with unpredictable weather guaranteed ‘oop North’ it can be dry in Huddersfield (occasionally) but may be pouring with rain in Hull or Lancaster.

I also make sure I have a brush to sweep away the leaves and dirt that may have found their way onto the paving (and have even been known to pick off discarded chewing gum lest it ruin my shot).

The great thing about these projects is the way I can arrange the shot and use my architechtual creativity to compose the perfect shot - step ladders are a must to get high shots and padding for lying down on the ground to get up close.  Tobermore also like to have shots with blurry feet or car wheels to show the paving in use (great shots for website and promotional use) and to bring the project to life.


I love travelling around and photographing their fantastic products and I’m glad this job can only be done in the summer (mostly) – no chilly ground for me.(sometimes)

People skills are vital as I often have to negotiate with schools and sports/shopping centre's so I can get a clear shot without disturbing the day-to-day running of wherever I’m needed and also ensure sensitive people are not included in the shot.















I feel that working with a company for so long not only shows that they like my work but also shows how well we work together and long may it continue and in the words of Tobermore lets keep producing #Quality like no other!


For more information on Tobermore Products please see:​

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Dock of the Bay DOCK OF THE BAY

Last month I had the pleasure of shooting for local clothing company Dock of the Bay. Dock of the Bay wanted my help photographing their clothing for their Autumn/Winter campaign, and I was happy to be involved! Their aesthetic is very much to do with the countryside and the outdoors, as it is specifically an outdoor leisurewear brand. Therefore, I took the shoot to the scenic woodland areas surrounding Honley and it couldn't have offered a better environment to shoot their clothing.

MAF-2Dock of The BayDock of The Bay MAF-162Dock of The BayDock of The Bay














Models Beci, Katy, Amelia, Chris and Katie take to the woods for a fun day capturing what Dock of the Bay's clothing is all about. I really wanted the images to embody the lifestyle that Dock of the Bay represents, which is why we wanted some family orientated outdoor pictures of families and couples enjoying walks in the countryside. The weather was glorious on the day of the shoot, which made for some excellent natural light to shoot with.
























All the models loved the clothing that was both stylish and comfortable. I enjoyed taking the catalogue style pictures for Dock of the Bay's website, and also managed to get some great candid pictures. One of my favourite shots of the day was of our youngest model, Amelia, playing in the heather field near the woods. We also had our 'dog model' Alfie bounding around on set which made for some engaging shots with our other models too.  


It was a fabulous day on set as I love getting out and about to take photos as much as possible. I'm really happy with the images we managed to capture and how they managed to capture the Dock of the Bay brand. The pictures are being used to advertise clothes on Dock of the Bay's website and also on their social media.

MAF-140MAF-140 MAF-199MAF-199















You can take a look at how the photos came out by visiting the Dock of the Bay website here: and follow my Twitter for more updates about photo shoots here: @markflynnphoto


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Recently I had the honor of photographing David & Lisa's wedding who married on the 17th June at St Mary's Parish Church in Mirfield and held their wedding Reception at The Gommersal Park Hotel. Lisa has been kind enough to write me a wonderful testimonial which follows below. I have also included a few highlights of the day which I hope everyone will enjoy.


"Mark did a brilliant job for us at our wedding. Our photos are fantastic and we can't stop looking at them. From the moment we met Mark we knew that we wanted him to photograph our special day. He made us feel at ease. He was incredibly patient and offered us advice and guidance when we couldn't decide which package we wanted to go for. - Sorry Mark!

You captured our day perfectly, the photos are amazing and will certainly help us remember every little detail of the day. 

Our photos were ready to view online within a week of our wedding and then transferred to usb a few days after that, the service you offer is brilliant and we will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a photographer. Thanks Lisa & David Bottomley"
MAF-120MAF-120 MAF-159MAF-159
]]> (Mark Flynn Photography) David & Lisa Wedding at Mirfield Parish Church & Gommersal Park Hotel Wedding Photographer Mirfield photographer photographer huddersfield wedding photographer west yorkshire Thu, 07 Jul 2016 17:59:44 GMT

Just recently I was commissioned by Huddersfield based Marketing Company KC Communications to undertake some commercial manufacturing photography for their client Heald Ltd.

MAF-74MAF-74ROAD BLOCKER Heald Ltd designs, manufactures and installs a range of innovative counter-terror products such as roadblockers, barriers and bollards that aim to protect vulnerable sites around the world. Their products play a leading role in the defence of properties against terrorists and criminal organisations, and are installed in airports, shopping center's, military sites, government buildings and many more. With the growing threat of terrorism in modern society, Heald's innovative products are fundamental to the safe guarding of many vulnerable sites and citizens worldwide. Heald are dedicated to creating their own, significantly improved versions of the standard roadblocker.

Heald is keen to invest in new machinery and keep production in-house to ensure best value processes. All parts of the manufacturing process, including electronics, are conducted at their base in Hornsea.











To capture images of the manufacturing process and engineers in action and showcase electronics and software development elements which take place in house. Ensuring the message "Made In Britain" is conveyed.

MAF-114MAF-114Welding photo MAF-96MAF-96Cutting









MAF-109MAF-109Paint Spraying

MAF-52MAF-52 MAF-120MAF-120












It was also essential to capture shots of senior management and group photos of the team which can be used on a new website and to feature in other literature and PR opportunities.


In fact an article focusing on Debbie Heald (Director,Joint owner & multi award winning business woman) featuring some of my images and compiled by KCcomms has already appeared in Womanthology Magazine which can can be seen here:


Heald are currently looking for more distributors in key markets, and creating new innovations to meet their clients ever increasing security needs. 

Heald can be contacted at:   KC Comms can be contacted at

and of course for all your Commercial Photography requirements please contact mark on 07745204331 or





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Just wished to start 2016 with a huge congratulations and thank you to all couples that employed Mark Flynn Wedding Photography services in 2015. Congratulations to you all and very best wishes for the future. In the words of the apprentice here are some of your highlights:


]]> (Mark Flynn Photography) Huddersfield Wedding photographers Kirkwood Hospice MARK FLYNN PHOTOGRAPHY WEDDINGS 2015 Wedding Photographers Huddersfield event photgrapher huddersfield event photographer huddersfield photographer photographer huddersfield wedding photographer huddersfield Fri, 08 Jan 2016 17:19:59 GMT

Still looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a TOWN fan? Then why not check out the Huddersfield Town Football Club’s Mega Store, Website & Retail Catalogue.

MAF_4505Huddersfield Town RetailHuddersfield Town Retail

Last month I was delighted to be contracted by Worthington Brown of Holmfirth who are Huddersfield Town’s FC Marketing Agency to undertake both Lifestyle & Product Photography Shoots for a new retail catalogue for the club.

The aim was to produce a more modern and interesting retail catalogue for “TOWN” which would display a selection of the clubs retail products both as individual products but which also showed the products in situ or in use.

MAF_4506Huddersfield Town RetailHuddersfield Town Retail

MDF-160Huddersfield Town RetailHuddersfield Town Retail












We started with the Lifestyle shoot first, which of course had to be at John Smith’s Stadium; the home ground of TOWN.

After recruiting a selection of willing models we went about equipping them with a range of Town retail merchandise which they could model throughout the ground.

It was decide to undertake the shoot on an under 21’s match day as we required shots of out of focus crowds but not so many as on a senior match day when we may not have had room to work.

MDF-3Huddersfield Town RetailHuddersfield Town Retail





MDF-117Huddersfield Town RetailHuddersfield Town Retail










We tried to keep the shoot as informal & natural as possible to try and show off the products as they would be in “real life” but of course this did also require some acting from our models that performed brilliantly on the day.  We shot mainly at wide aperture and madegood use of portable lighting for each shot thereby placing more ethnises on the subject and hence ensuring the product stood out from the crowd.



MDF-65Huddersfield Town RetailHuddersfield Town Retail MDF-63Huddersfield Town RetailHuddersfield Town Retail


















With a selection of clothing and other retail products shot on the day it was then back to the studio for what was to be a two day shoot undertaking fairly straight forward product photography. The only problem was that there were 200 individual products to be photographed and all had to be taken out of wrappers and pricing removed which was quite time consuming. Finally it was onto the shoot.

We used classic seamless white studio backdrops with nice contrasty studio lighting to show the products off to their best advantage. This meant that the shots could now be easily cut out and used both in the new catalogue and on the clubs website.

_MAF0577Huddersfield Town RetailHuddersfield Town Retail

_MAF0115Huddersfield Town RetailHuddersfield Town Retail With the completion of the shoots all images where edited and colour corrected and handed over to the Graphic Design Team at Worthington Brown who used the new images along with player stock images to design and print the new Huddersfield Town Mega Store Catalogue; which I hope you will agree looks fantastic and will hopefully increase retail sales for the club.




Catalogue available at HTAFC Shops and HTAFC Canalside and other local outlets.

Come on you TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HTAFC Retail can be contacted on:

Worthington Brown can be contacted at:




_MAF0191Huddersfield Town RetailHuddersfield Town Retail

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It’s a dog’s life! It’s a dog’s life!

Having previously covered the opening of the Dewsbury Vets 4 Pets I was delighted to be asked to spend a ‘day in the life’ of the Vets 4 Pets team in Barnsley. MAF-119Vets4petsVets4pets

I was asked to spend half a day in their practise taking photos of the staff in action.  I couldn’t wait, especially to see their new hydrotherapy center which uses warm, clean water to support and massage whilst the treadmill controls the exercise accurately.

Vets4petsVets4petsVets4pets MAF-105MAF-105















The team wanted a few staged portraits but really wanted me to be a ‘fly on the wall’ from reception, consultation to procedures so yes, I had to scrub up!  I was asked to don a PPE gown, hair net (not sure why for me!), foot protection and face mask so I could access all areas of the practise and even watch a first time surgical procedure.

MAF-38Vets4petsVets4pets MAF-37Vets4petsVets4pets

















I was asked to photograph a Doberman who was undergoing an endoscopic surgical procedure – the first to be performed at this practice, it was to correct a twisted stomach and remove her ovaries. (nice....)

Vets4petsVets4petsVets4pets MAF-87Vets4petsVets4pets













‘Mark was fantastic when we asked him to spend half a day at our veterinary hospital in Barnsley. He perfectly captured the balance of clinical imagery along with making the surgery feel a welcome and caring environment. He effortlessly shot in very trick situations from surgery to portraiture and put people and pets at ease.

His costs were reasonable and he was quick at turning around the photographs at the other end.

We’d certainly recommend him for future jobs – a pleasure to work with’


I really enjoyed the challenge this project brought to me, the very busy practise meant that a shot was there one minute and gone the next as the nurses and vets ran around attending to their patience.

I had to work with the lighting as it was impossible to set up equipment for a specific frame due to the speed I had to work.

The challenges of not only putting the staff at ease but also the animals and their owners made it a very enjoyable day. 

I really feel I have captured the warm environment for their marketing and website needs as well as the possibility of my surgical shots being used for a medical journal. 

MAF-54Vets4petsVets4pets MAF-52Vets4petsVets4pets













]]> (Mark Flynn Photography) Animal Photographer Huddersfield Pet Photographer Huddersfield Pet Photographer West Yorkshire Vets4Pets Vets4Petsphotographer commercial photographer huddersfield photographer photographer huddersfield Thu, 03 Dec 2015 18:38:41 GMT
Its back to School for me!! Its Back to School for me!


They say never work with kids and animals*, but in our case we’ve done it twice recently thanks to KC Communications!

Following a successful photo shoot for a Temple Learning Academy, which opened in September 2015, KC Communications once again appointed me to undertake a photo shoot for another one of their school clients, Khalsa Science Academy.

Having opened in September 2013 and becoming more established having grown to three-year groups, the time was right to undertake some photography, which could be utilised to create updated literature such as prospectuses.

The photo shoot covered photographing the children in their learning environment, taking part in everything from English lessons, music lessons, IT, PE and even school lunchtime.














This had to be one of the trickiest shoots I have had to undertake. Having staged a previous school shoot it was easy to showcase the children as engaged in an activity, however, undertaking a shoot during a lesson so as not to disrupt the learning process is a whole different story.




The outcome of the shoot resulted in some fantastic images with one of our favourites being a young girl who was desperate to answer a maths question. It really captured how children love learning and that magical moment which ‘it’ just clicks.













































I’m looking forward to working with Khalsa Science Academy once again as I undertake their individual and class photos in November and again when they move to their permanent site in Alwoodley I will be back to undertake some refreshed photography to showcase the first class facilities on offer at the school.

*For the record, we had a snake on the first school shoot!



Are you a school or academy looking to reach a wider audience and increase your intake? If so then why not give KC Communications a call to discuss your marketing requirements and of course for high quality school photography just drop Mark Flynn Photography a line. 07745204331   & Katrina at KC Communications at 01484829029.  Khalsa Science Academy can be contacted on

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"Photographs in ‘Full Colour" Photographs in ‘Full Colour’


MAF-180Kirkwood Hospice Colour RushKirkwood Hospice Colour Rush


Whenever I am official photographer for Kirkwood Hospice events, I always know that the day will promise to be action packed, fun and well organised.This weekend was no exception with the first ever ‘Kirkwood Colour Rush’ at Oakwell Hall Country Park.

For those of you not in the ‘know’, a colour rush is basically a fun run through clouds of powder paint.

MAF-248Kirkwood Hospice Colour RushKirkwood Hospice Colour Rush MAF-227Kirkwood Hospice Colour RushKirkwood Hospice Colour Rush











Official wording for the event was:

“Get ready to have the time of your life with the first ever Kirkwood Colour Rush. Celebrate the vibrant characters in your life and create new memories as you run, walk, skip or dance your way around the 5k course, being covered with vivid colour combinations along the way.”

And I was there to capture the event in ‘full colour’.






MAF-151Kirkwood Hospice Colour RushKirkwood Hospice Colour Rush

The sheer volume of people signing up was staggering –an estimated 600 people registered which helped raise £1000’s for the hospice.

The pre-run atmosphere was absolutely fantastic, with participants getting dressed up, face painting whilst a DJ and Zumba instructor ensured everyone was warmed up and into the Colour Rush vibe.

A staggered start meant that I was able to get around the course to photograph as many people as possible.  Adults and children completed the run, giggling and shrieking as they were covered in coloured powder. 

MAF-424Kirkwood Hospice Colour RushKirkwood Hospice Colour Rush

Despite my best efforts at keeping my equipment covered, they fell casualty to the sheer volume of powder paint floating around (thankfully not for long, they cleaned up pretty easily).

As participants ran over the finish line, coated with paint, they were presented with a goodie bag containing their medals.

MAF-316Kirkwood Hospice Colour RushKirkwood Hospice Colour Rush MAF-339Kirkwood Hospice Colour RushKirkwood Hospice Colour Rush












The merriment continued even the fun run was complete with yet more powder paint throwing and en masse dancing in the celebratory atmosphere.

MAF-126Kirkwood Hospice Colour RushKirkwood Hospice Colour Rush MAF-370Kirkwood Hospice Colour RushKirkwood Hospice Colour Rush











At the end of the event, I had captured hundreds photographs, all of which are available to view and purchase via my website – proceeds from the sale of these photos will go to Kirkwood Hospice to top up the overall fundraising effort from the day.

The corporate sponsors of the event were Choice Furniture Store and Armitage Sykes Solicitors.






MAF-402Kirkwood Hospice Colour RushKirkwood Hospice Colour Rush

]]> (Mark Flynn Photography) Kirkwood Hospice Kirkwood Hospice Colour Rush event photographer huddersfield event photographer west yorkshire photographer huddersfield photographer, Thu, 15 Oct 2015 10:50:57 GMT
‘Electrifying’ Trade Photography'! ‘Electrifying’ trade photography! 

MDF-35M&L ElectricalM&L Electrical

When Huddersfield based M&L Electrical approached me about undertaking some corporate shots for their new brochure and website I was only to happy to oblige. 

Run by Mark Harrison & wife Melanie, with an ever expanding team of electricians, M&L have been established for over 15 years and have experience in domestic, commercial and industrial electrical work. The brief was that they wanted their corporate image aligned with their professional service and capabilities through sharp photography of projects they have undertaken, with the end use for the images being their website a new brochure and other marketing material.

The first project to start the ball rolling was the work they had undertaken at KT Dance Academy, an exciting and innovative dance school which has opened in Lindley, Huddersfield.

M&L had undertaken a full electrical installation for the new studio, and wanted to show off the finished project.

MDF-19KT Dance StudioKT Dance Studio

Photographs were taken of the completed internal dance studio (complete with its new energy efficient LED ceiling lamps) and, with my advice, external shots of the building were taken at dusk for added effect which produced simply stunning results.

MDF-2KT Dance StudioKT Dance Studio

Another project M&L had completed and wanted photographing was the external lighting installation in Meltham Park.  The installation was undertaken using environmentally-friendly and energy efficient LED's. 

Also, knowing how much Mark loves his branded truck, I suggested we include some shots of Mark with it at the entrance to the park with the installed lighting, which sits on top of some beautiful old stone pillars.  Coupled with the cobbled road it has made a great shot for a brochure cover or website banner.Whilst we were in the area we also included photography of the team working and displaying branded clothing (useful photos that can be used in a variety of media) on an industrial project in Meltham Mills.

MDF-12M&L ElectricalM&L Electrical MDF-25M&L ElectricalM&L Electrical











Mark and Melanie are thrilled with the finished results and agree with me, that with imagination and using the natural elements such as dusk and evening shots (particularly for electrical photography) we have been able to complete some stunning trade shots. 

Recently we have not only undertaken photography for an Electrician but also a whole range of trades such as; a Heating Engineer, a kitchen & Bathroom Fitter and a Plasterer. So if your company belongs to one of the "Trades" and you wish to promote your company with some shockingly good images from a down to earth photographer drop us a cable today, you will wonder why on earth you didn't do so before! Call Mark on 07745204331

M&L can be contacted on:

Tel: 01484 766260Mob: 07894 910958Email:

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Burning the midnight oil Burning the midnight oil



This weekend, once again, I was honoured to be part of the Kirkwood Hospice’ Midnight Memory Walk, photographing the many people taking part on this wonderful fundraising walk to remember loved and lost ones to raise money for Kirkwood Hospice.

This was the third year I have photographed the event with each year seeing an increase in ‘walkers’ in support of the valuable work Kirkwood Hospice undertakes.  Approximately 800 people partook in 2013, 1000 in 2014 and this year an amazing 1100 people walked the route raising a staggering £96,000.

As the official photographer, the brief was very involved but thoroughly enjoyable. It was challenging getting around all the route with lots of activities going on in various places – all the while capturing the images in the dark.  The route was either a six or ten mile loop, dependent on which one walkers chose, encompassing Waterloo, Lepton and Almondbury along the way.













I started off at ‘base camp’ which again was John Smiths Stadium photographing the preparations as people donned the yellow ‘Midnight Memory Walk’ t-shirts, painted faces, dressed up and generally created a fantastic atmosphere amongst all taking part.  Volunteers worked hard at registration, signing up the 1100 people taking part.

The ‘Memory Wall’ was crammed with hundreds of messages for loved and lost ones, it was a particularly poignant feature at the stadium with people taking the time to leave emotional notes.



















Many people arrived early and mingled with each other as they were entertained by Madam Mango and Chris Marley who provided stilt walking, juggling and illuminating hoola hooping.  A fitness trainer then got everyone warmed up in an energetic Zumba routine prior to the walk beginning.


















Compering the preparations with music and announcements was TAP, Total Awareness Promotions, who helped contribute to the high spirited atmosphere.

At midnight, confetti cannons were fired to mark the start of the walk and so it began.














Marshalling the route (to prevent us getting lost in the dark) was the WestYorks 4x4 volunteers who did a sterling job, particularly when the rain came pouring down on us all!













I dashed about the route during the night, capturing as many photographs as I could.  I managed to grab a quick drink from refreshment stalls, again, manned by fantastic volunteers at the Northgate Kirkwood Hospice Shop in Almondbury.

With local support from well-known faces Jason Mcarthy MP and Blue Watch from Cleckheaton Fire Service, who were there to honour their colleague Woody, Twitter was trending with Kirkwood’s hashtag #MMW2015 on for reports during the night and for subsequent updates following the event.













Heavy showers at 3.00am challenged not only myself, but the many walkers who battled through to the finish at 4.30am. On arrival at the finish walkers were greeted by the welcoming sight & smell of bacon butties being cooked and teas & coffees on tap. All freshly prepared by Anthony & Glens team at Asparagus Green catering who had given their time for free!














So overall, it was a truly fantastic, humbling event to be involved with, once again.  A mention must be made of the fantastic sponsors who helped make the event so successful: Syngenta, Myers Group, Hepworth Honda, Bluebird Care and ERS Medical.

Huddersfield should be proud of themselves.

MDF-362MIDNIGHT MEMORY WALKSIX year old and 10 miles! MDF-316MedalMedal

















                                                                                                                                 SIX YEARS OLD & TEN MILES WALKED!



The rest of the images from the night can be seen at:

By Laura Lambert

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